Printings on Handmade Paper
Sample of inkjet printing on the handmade paper, as well as handmade stickers using this paper. The paper works well with printers, depending on thickness, and displays bright colors as well as a semi transparency that shows off textures and leftover inks in the paper itself. 
Paintings on Handmade Paper
A small sample of paintings on handmade paper. Each done with a mix of watercolor, gouache and acrylic ink.
Handmade Journal
An example of handmade journals. This one is made out of mixed recycled paper and LUSH packaging, giving it pops of pink and purple and an overall purplish-hue. These pages are bound together with embroidery thread and hard covers giving it strength and allowing it to lay flat on any page. The paper is also sized so it can better take writing or sketching. 
Paper Close up
A small sample of handmade paper including one batch made of wrapping paper, one made of mixed recycled paper and blue construction paper, and one made of receipts. Each batch is unique and many things can be added in to create new colors and textures.

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